“Shapeshifting Texts” Online Exhibition

Abstract Exhibition (provisional)

Electronic literature is an ever-changing field which makes clear the intersections between multiple art forms, semiotic languages and experiences with the medium. This literary form thrives on dialogues between digital art, cinema, performance, comics, literature or games. The exhibition “Shapeshifting texts” aims to present a selection of works that incorporate these possibilities of interconnection. It will be organized in collaboration with the ongoing project “Archiv der deutschsprachigen elektronischen Literatur” (Germany) and it will feature works included in several archives of electronic and experimental literature. The curatorial and archival work done by the Digital Archive of Portuguese Experimental Literature Po.ex.net (Portugal), ELMCIP (Norway), Electronic Literature Lab (USA), Electronic Literature Directory and Nt2 (Canada) will be displayed in this exhibition. Our aim is to present the collaborative work done by institutions and archives focused on the preservation of electronic and experimental literature and, simultaneously, to demonstrate that electronic literature is part of an ever-evolving process which might have been catalysed by the first experiences with language and surfaces of inscription. At Staats- und Universitätsbibliothek Bremen, from the 3rd to the 5th of November 2016, visitors will attend artist talks and find over than twenty works that shapeshift at different levels, often depending on assemblage and recalibration to be experienced.


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