This exhibition could not have been possible without the assistance and support from:

María Mencía who created a work specially for our exhibition, including Bremen in a journey around the world: Gateway to the World: Data Visualisation Poetics.

João Rui (a Jigsaw), who gave shape to what I had in mind. Together with Bremen’s university press (Uni-Druckerei Bremen), whose team was represented by Mr. Helmut Brammer, we were able to design all the materials shared with participants in the conference, and with visitors of the exhibition.

Anke Winsmann , who was patient enough to collect the Staats- und Universitätsbibliothek Bremen requested books, later displayed at the exhibition. Thank you for being there and making sure that I had everything I need, from duck-tape to screen-cleaning spray. Also, I would like to thank your wonderful team for providing all the assistance during the exhibition.

Ulrich Achenbach who saved some old computers from oblivion and brought them to life for three days of fame and stardom. They looked perfect and shiny new to me. Thank you for making sure they were working before and during the exhibition.

Kai Schwedes and the Lernräume department (Zentrum für Multimedia in der Lehre (ZMML)). Thank you for providing the exhibition room.

Consortium on Electronic Literature (CELL) and its members. Thank you for allowing us to display the entries published in their databases. In this exhibition, works were introduced by resorting to entries published in the Digital Archive of Portuguese Experimental Literature (Portugal), ELMCIP (Norway), Electronic Literature Lab (USA), Electronic Literature Directory,  Nt2 (Canada), and  I ♥ E-Poetry.

Pathfinders: Documenting The Experience of Early Digital Literature, Dene Grigar and Stuart Moulthrop. Thank you for letting us display a Traversal of Patchwork Girl by Shelley Jackson “Herself”.

Dene Grigar. Thank you for your presentation and for bringing invaluable materials from the Electronic Literature Lab, such as Patchwork Girl’s first edition.

Rui Torres, who gave an artist talk and presented an “hybrid” performance titled POETICUNCONVERSATIONS, as well as represented the (Portugal).

Soren Pold, who gave an artist talk and was present at the exhibition to introduce Ink after Print  to all the visitors.

Scott Rettberg, who presented his work, TOXICITY (2013-2015)and the work done by ELMCIP.

Álvaro Seiça, who presented the project and performance AIMISOLA.NET/HYMIWO.PO: A POEMTRACK FOR A YET-TO-BE-WRITTEN DANCE PIECE and gave voice to immigrant women in Spain.

Tobias Peters, who represented the Stadtbibliothek Bremen during the evening of performances.  Thank you for preparing such an amazing  room and such an elegant and thoughtful reception.

Ian Watson who, in representation of Literaturhaus Bremen, introduced me to the Globale Literature Festival and the Stadtbibliothek Bremen. He was unable to attend the conference for a very good reason: he was travelling to promote his book, Spielfelder: eine Fußballmigration (Edition Falkenberg, 2016).

globale° – Festival für grenzüberschreitende Literatur and Prof. Elisabeth Arend. Thank you for including the Exhibition Shapeshifting Texts and the Evening of performances “Electronic Literature Authors Perform their Work”  in your program.

the BAALL and the DFKI. Special thanks to Prof. Dr. Rolf Drechsler and Dr.-Ing. Serge Autexier. Thank you to Jan Janssen and Dr.-Ing. Christian Mandel for bringing the BAALL model to the exhibition.

the artists and researchers that allowed me to share their work with us:

Self Portrait(s) [as Other(s)] (2003), Talan Memmott

Along the Briny Beach (2012), J. R. Carpenter

Storyland (2004), Nanette Wylde

Façade (2005-2012), Michael Mateas and Andrew Stern

Cyberliterature (Theory of the Sitting Man) (2014), Pedro Barbosa

The Deletionist (2013), Amaranth Borsuk, Jesper Juul and Nick Montfort

Looppool (1998), Bas Böttcher

Stochastische Texte (2010), Johannes Auer

Reconstructing Mayakovsky (2008), Illya Szilak

Amor de Clarice (2005), Rui Torres

Entropic Texts (2015), Jason Nelson

Like Stars In A Clear Night Sky (2006), Sharif Ezzat

Deviant: The Possession of Christian Shaw (2004), Donna Leishman

TOC: a New Media Novel (2009) + Vas: An Opera in Flatland: a Novel (2004), Steve Tomasula

Ink after Print (2012), Søren Pold

200 Castles (2014), Caitlin Fisher

The Breathing Wall (2004), Kate Pullinger, Chris Joseph and Stefan Schemat

The Silent Numbers (2013), Matthew Kirkpatrick

The Sweet Old Etcetera (2006), Allison Clifford

Scriptpoemas (2008), Antero de Alda

Sound Poems (2002-2008) – Jörg Piringer

Concrete p. (2010), David Jhave Johnston

Tipoemas y Anipoemas (1997-2003), Ana Uribe (special thanks to   I ♥ E-Poetry for allowing us to show Ana Uribe’s work)

Signagens (1985-1989), Ernesto Melo e Castro

Prosthesis (2011), Ian Hatcher

Tunnel to Another World (2014-2016), John Barber (thank you for being present).

Senghor on the Rocks (2008), Christoph Benda

Patchwork Girl (1995), Shelley Jackson (special thanks to Electronic Literature Lab for allowing us to show Shelley Jackson’s work)

First Draft of the Revolution (2012), Emily Short and Liza Daly

Connected Memories (2009), María Mencía

High Muck a Muck (2014) – Fred Wah, Nicola Harwood, Jin Zhang, Bessie Wapp, Thomas Loh, Tomoyo Ihaya, Hiromoto Ida, Phillip Djwa, and Patrice Leung

Fest (2012), Gabriel Helfenstein

Traversals – Patchwork Girl and Shelley Jackson. Thank you to Pathfinders for letting us display your important research and amazing project.

Daniela Côrtes Maduro