In the Making

This strand – also part of the exhibition – was created to give scholars, artists and researchers the chance to present their ongoing projects, newly-released works, call for papers and tools to create electronic literature works. Here are the links to all the information displayed:

Allison Clifford – Nightfields, 5th Conference on Computation, Communication, Aesthetics & X, Lisbon, Portugal, 6-7 July.

Amaranth Borsuk – Between Page and Screen

Bas Böttcher – Poetry Clips Vol. 1 (DVD); Die poetry Slam Fibel, Textbox, Poetenplanet

DFKI – BAALL, Universität Bremen, Germany.

Devon Schiller – Archive of Digital Art (ADA) and Media Art Research Thesaurus.

Ian Hatcher – ABRA: a living Text

Nanette Wylde – Focus Generator

Rui Torres – ELO 2017 – Electronic Literature > Affiliations, Communities, Translations, Porto, Portugal, 19-22 July.

 Talan Memmott – DÉRIVEPEDIA