– Signagens (1985-1989), E. M. de Melo e Castro – 

In Signagens, letters and icons often become indistinguishable. The text does not introduce a collage of different languages, but a new language which the reader must learn how to use. According to Melo e Castro, new technologies introduce a “new grammar of visual transformation” which poses a challenge to “the artist’s creativity and to the reader’s reading skills” (Melo e Castro, 2014: 90). Due to an intermission or radical detachment between signifier and signified, words are subjected to a process of estrangement which turns them into enigmatic shapes, ever deferring the production of meaning.

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About the Author:

E.M. de Melo e Castro is a Portuguese poet and essayist. In 1956 he graduated in textile engineering from the Bradford Institute of Technology in England. He holds a PhD in Literature from the University of São Paulo (1998). In Brazil, he taught undergraduate and graduate courses, such as Portuguese, Brazilian and African literature at the USP, UFMG and UFRN. At PUC/SP and UNI/BH, he taught graduate courses in infopoetry and cyberculture. At Itaú Cultural, São Paulo, he taught a course on the origins of Western visuality and infopoetry.