The Silent Numbers

The Silent Numbers (2013), Matthew Kirkpatrick –

Matthew Kirkpatrick’s The Silent Numbers is a collage of audio and text. Much of the audio consists of different voices speaking numbers and letters, and interruptions of static and noise that create a cacophony even as numbers as phrases appear on the screen: texts pulled from messages shared in a group that records and transcribes numbers stations. These numbers stations are often associated with espionage, and have an inherently coded quality to them. The audio defies easy interpretation, which is appropriate given the text’s own emphasis on the importance of hearing rather than understanding: “The meaning of the messages doesn’t matter to me, only that they are speaking, and though I will never know for sure, they speak to me, so I record the numbers.”

in Electronic Literature Collection 3

About the Author:

Matthew Kirkpatrick is the author of Light Without Heat (FC2) and The Exiles (Ricochet Editions) and is an assistant professor of creative writing at Eastern Michigan University where he teaches innovative fiction and new media