Tipoemas y Anipoemas

– Tipoemas y Anipoemas (1997-2003), Ana Maria Uribe –

The late Argentinian poet Ana María Uribe (1944-2004) wrote visual poetry from the 1960s with a keen typographical eye that imbued letters with character. Her Typoemas are very much in the Concrete poetry tradition imbuing the typed word on the page with “verbivocovisual” energy. Her Anipoemas lean more towards a Lettriste tradition, imbuing statuesque letters with personification through motion. Her tools were very basic: sequencing typographic images into animated GIFs to create simple animations that breathed life into letters. Overall, her Anipoemas are a delightful record of a visual poet’s imaginative experiments with time in digital media.

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About the Author:

Ana Maria Uribe was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, in 1944. She was a visual poet from the late sixties until her death on March 5, 2004. In addition to her Web site, she is the author of a single Spanish-English book which is home-printed, hand-sewn and hand-bound called Tipoems and Anipoems, 1968-2001. She also published a CD of her work (done with Macromedia Director) titled Escaleras y otros Anipoemas, 2001. (ELC3)