Hybrid Surfaces

When we have business with language, we are possessed by its dreams and demons, we grow intimate with monsters. We become hybrids, chimeras, centaurs ourselves: steaming flanks and solid redoubtable hoofs galloping under a vaporous machinery.

Shelley Jackson, in Patchwork Girl  (1995)

The works here presented can shapeshift between several semiotic modes and art forms. In this strand, you will  visit a “website gone amok” or poems that have “succumbed to entropy”. You will be invited to click “blue stars in the night sky”, and explore fictional worlds populated by “terrible creatures”.  If you follow this path, you will engage in a multisensory experience and activate “night-dreams” that respond to your rate of breathing, as if you were facing a “magic looking glass”.


Reconstructing Mayakovsky

– Reconstructing Mayakovsky (2008), Illya Szilak – The absurdist spirit of Russian Futurism infuses this work which otherwise resembles a commercial website gone amok. While certain sections feel like conventional narrative literature, others include invitations to imagery theater events, warped Google searches, a manifesto addressed to the future of humanity, a propagandistic movie in support … Continue reading Reconstructing Mayakovsky

Amor de Clarice

– Amor de Clarice (2005), Rui Torres – Between Clarice Lispector’s “Amor” (1960), described by Rui Torres as a Genettian hypotext (Torres, 2011), and Amor de Clarice [Clarice’s love] (2005), the reader may find a process of metamorphosis initiated, not only by Nuno M. Cardoso (voice), Ana Carvalho (video), Carlos Morgado (sound), Luis Aly (sound) … Continue reading Amor de Clarice

Entropic Texts

– Entropic Texts (2015),  Jason Nelson and Alinta Krauth – Entropic Texts is an experiment in using text, image, and an interactive interface, to explore the notion of entropy. Entropy is nature’s tendency towards decay. Thus, it is entropy that predicts the arrow of time, and the length of the life of all things – living … Continue reading Entropic Texts

TOC: a New Media Novel

– TOC: a New Media Novel (2009), Steve Tomasula – TOC: a New Media Novel blends written and spoken word with still and moving images, sounds, music, video clips, animations, graphics; the catalogue of various media could be made long. Thematically, it is a work concerned with time: with the representation, conceptualization, and fictionalization of … Continue reading TOC: a New Media Novel

Ink After Print

– Ink After Print (2012-), Søren Pold – Ink After Print is a digital literary installation exhibited in public settings such as libraries. The installation allows readers-users to perform, reenact and rewrite recombinant poems written by Peter-Clement Woetmann “and you” (user-reader). (…) Ink is designed to make people affectively engage with, and reflect on, the … Continue reading Ink After Print

The Breathing Wall

– The Breathing Wall (2004), Kate Pullinger – The Breathing Wall is a digital fiction that responds to the reader’s rate of breathing. The innovative software enables the computer to register the physiological effect of the story on the reader and to alter the experience accordingly. The more relaxed the reader becomes, the deeper they … Continue reading The Breathing Wall

200 Castles

– 200 Castles (2014-), Caitlin Fisher – Created in Unity using the Vuforia plug-in, 200 Castles is an augmented reality piece for iPad about time, longing, and magical spaces set in both the domestic spaces of a castle across multiple decades and in the spaces of memory. The viewer unlocks the story by using the … Continue reading 200 Castles