Amor de Clarice

Amor de Clarice (2005), Rui Torres –


Between Clarice Lispector’s “Amor” (1960), described by Rui Torres as a Genettian hypotext (Torres, 2011), and Amor de Clarice [Clarice’s love] (2005), the reader may find a process of metamorphosis initiated, not only by Nuno M. Cardoso (voice), Ana Carvalho (video), Carlos Morgado (sound), Luis Aly (sound) and Rui Torres (programming), but also by the machine. Distributed authorship and the appropriation of Clarice Lispector’s work produce a plagiotropic and devouring text (Torres, 2003: 2) which brings into question deep-rooted notions of originality.

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About the Author:

Rui Torres, PhD in Literature (UNC-CH, USA), is Associate Professor of Communication Sciences at University Fernando Pessoa, Portugal, teaching Semiotics and Digital Media. Director of the academic journal Cibertextualidades, and member of several editorial boards and scientific committees of other journals in the field of electronic literature. Principal Investigator of projects funded by the FCT/EU in the area of digital archives for electronic and experimental literature. Member of the Board of Directors of the ELO-Electronic Literature Organization and CELL-Consortium on Electronic Literature. Recent publications include the organization of «Poesia Experimental Portuguesa: Contextos, Ensaios, Entrevistas, Metodologias» (Porto, Ed. UFP, 2014) and «PO.EX: Essays from Portugal on Cyberliterature and Intermedia», with Sandy Baldwin (Computing Literature series, West Virginia University Press, 2014). Author of electronic literature, having his poems published in several Anthologies (ELC2, ELMCIP) and CD-ROMs, as well as exhibited in many events in different countries. Coordinator of the Digital Archive of Portuguese Experimental Poetry (