Like Stars In A Clear Night Sky

– Like Stars In A Clear Night Sky (2006), Sharif Ezzat –

Like Stars in a Clear Night Sky takes advantage of an elegant interface to present the type of lore often passed from parents to children. A voice, speaking Arabic, is paired with text in English, asking readers if they would like to hear a series of stories. Clicking blue stars in the night sky gives access to sparse stories.

in Electronic Literature Collection 1

About The Author:

Sharif Ezzat is a multimedia artist and producer focused on digital storytelling and interactive design. His work has been featured by Adbusters, the Webby Awards, the Electronic Literature Organization, and the San Francisco International Film Festival. He has helped produce the Arab Film Festival in California for over a dozen years, and toured widely with acclaimed beatboxer Yuri Lane, providing multimedia visuals for his live theatrical performances.