TOC: a New Media Novel

TOC: a New Media Novel (2009), Steve Tomasula –

TOC: a New Media Novel blends written and spoken word with still and moving images, sounds, music, video clips, animations, graphics; the catalogue of various media could be made long. Thematically, it is a work concerned with time: with the representation, conceptualization, and fictionalization of temporal registers of various kinds. Its visual, verbal, and auditory registers are full of temporal metaphors and representations that intersect, blend, mirror, confuse, support, and reject each other.

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About the Author:

Steve Tomasula is the author of the novels The Book of Portraiture (FC2); IN & OZ (University of Chicago Press); VAS: An Opera in Flatland (University of Chicago Press), an acclaimed novel of the biotech revolution; Once Human: Stories, and TOC: A New-Media Novel (FC2/University of Alabama Press).