Self Portrait(s) [as Other(s)]

– Self Portrait(s) [as Other(s)] (2003), Talan Memmott –

In this piece, both painting and textual biography are subjected to the knife of the cut-up — a particularly suitable set of incisions given that the textual cut-up technique was first used by painter Brion Gysin. Memmott’s juxtaposition reveals some of the different qualities of text and image but by making works and lives multiple it also provokes questions about how one medium is used to situate and frame the other.

in Electronic Literature Collection  1

About the Author:

Talan Memmott has been a Professor and Researcher in Digital Culture, in Sweden, Norway, and the US. He holds an MFA in literary arts from Brown University, and a PhD in Interaction Design from Malmö University. His research and creative practice ranges from meme cultures to digital poetics, from film and video to digital design. (Electronic Literature Collection 3)