Stochastische Texte

Stochastische Texte (2010), Johannes Auer –

At this stage we shall report on a program which the author recently executed on the electronic mainframe ZUSE Z 22 at the T.H. Stuttgart Computer Center. The machine was used to generate stochastic texts i.e. sentences where the words are determined randomly. The Z 22 is especially suited to applications in extra-mathematical areas. It is particularly suited to programs with a very logical structure i.e. for programs containing many logical decisions. The machine’s ability to be able to print the results immediately, on demand, on a teleprinter is ideal for scientific problems. (Source: Theo Lutz, “Stochastische Texte”, in: augenblick 4 (1959), H. 1, S. 3-9).


About the Author:

Johannes Auer is an artist from Stuttgart, Germany. He was part of the group “Das Deutsche Handwerk” in the 1990s. He has worked in net art since 1994 and is one of the leading figures in digital poetry in Germany.