Rhizomatic Surfaces

“contrary to a deeply rooted belief, the book is not an image of the world. It forms a rhizome with the world, there is an aparallel evolution of the book and the world”.

 Gilles Deleuze and Felix Guattari, in A Thousand Plateaus (1987)


The works included in this strand invite the reader to enrol in a “journey on the map” and to stitch body/hypertext parts together. You will engage in a “letter-writing” session, activate a “decisional process” or participate in an “exploration of oral histories”. Memories that connect people will surface along the way.

Senghor on the rocks

– Senghor on the Rocks (2008), Christoph Benda – – THIS WORK IS CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE DUE TO ADOBE FLASH’S DISCONTINUATION – Senghor on the Rocks (SOTR) was published online under a creative commons license as the first novel illustrated with Google Maps. Every page of the virtual book that was created for the online presentation … Continue reading Senghor on the rocks

Patchwork Girl

– Patchwork Girl (1995), Shelley Jackson – What if Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein was true? What if Mary Shelley herself made the monster — not the fictional Dr. Frankenstein? And what if the monster was a woman, and fell in love with Mary Shelley, and travelled to America? This is their story. in Electronic Literature Lab. Shelley … Continue reading Patchwork Girl

First Draft of the Revolution

– First Draft of the Revolution (2012), Emily Short and Liza Daly – Emily Short’s First Draft of the Revolution, designed and coded by Liza Daly, is an experiment with advancing the form of interactive fiction while pushing forward its cross platform accessibility (the work is built in HTML5 and has been ported to EPUB3, … Continue reading First Draft of the Revolution

Connected Memories

– Connected Memories (2009), María Mencía – This piece is an exploration of oral histories and the use of technology as a participatory and inviting medium to perform and share stories.It is an interactive piece, which consists of a series of extracts from interviews of refugees living in London and the connection between them. They … Continue reading Connected Memories

High Muck a Muck

– High Muck a Muck (2014), Fred Wah, Nicola Harwood, Jin Zhang, Bessie Wapp, Thomas Loh, Tomoyo Ihaya, Hiromoto Ida, Phillip Djwa, and Patrice Leung – High Muck-a-Muck: Playing Chinese explores the narratives and tensions of historical and contemporary Chinese immigration to Canada. The project is both an interactive installation and an interactive website. Accompanying … Continue reading High Muck a Muck


– Fest (2012), Gabriel Helfenstein – – THIS WORK IS CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE DUE TO ADOBE FLASH’S DISCONTINUATION – Fest est une œuvre hypermédiatique qui fait plonger l’internaute dans un univers décisionnel interne disjoncté et dément. Il incarne en premier lieu une fillette qui doit décider si elle doit plonger ou non dans la mer du … Continue reading Fest