First Draft of the Revolution

First Draft of the Revolution (2012), Emily Short and Liza Daly –

Emily Short’s First Draft of the Revolution, designed and coded by Liza Daly, is an experiment with advancing the form of interactive fiction while pushing forward its cross platform accessibility (the work is built in HTML5 and has been ported to EPUB3, an open ebook format). The work invites the reader to engage in the act of writing, creating a metafiction that invites us to contemplate the very act of letter-writing and correspondence, and what the process of editing reveals and conceals. The work is essentially an interactive epistolary novel, drawing on an era when letter-writing was an act of contemplation rather than haste. We learn about the two characters (Juliette and Henry) as we get inside their heads and dictate the seemingly mundane details of their correspondence.

in Electronic Literature Collection 3

About the Authors:

Emily Short is a freelance consultant in interactive fiction, narrative design, and conversation modelling. She has worked with Telltale Games, ArenaNet, ngmoco:), and Failbetter Games among others, and was creative director of the Versu project, building interactive iPad stories around AI characters. She has written over two dozen works of interactive fiction, and is part of the design team for lnform 7, a toei for creating parser-based IF.

Liza Daly is a software engineer and entrepreneur who specializes in digital publishing and the intersection of literature and the web.