Senghor on the rocks

– Senghor on the Rocks (2008), Christoph Benda –

Senghor on the Rocks (SOTR) was published online under a creative commons license as the first novel illustrated with Google Maps. Every page of the virtual book that was created for the online presentation of the novel is accompanied by a satellite view of the current location of the story. Readers experience the novel’s action as a journey on the map, including smooth panning from location to location as the characters travel around or different zoom levels showing areas in close detail or as an overview.


About the Author

Christoph Benda, born 1972, married, father of two. Studied German philology at the University of Vienna. Former assistant director (theater), editor (dictionaries), screenplay writer (TV), ad writer (Radio), research assistant (Austrian Academy of Sciences), marketing manager (telecommunications industry), co­founder of digitalMankind (University spin-off to market ethological knowledge in the electronic entertainment industry), musician, volunteer in foreign aid projects, and spare time boxer. Today working in the Presidential Office of the Austrian Academy of Sciences, Department of Strategy.